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When the groundwater level rises above the foundation. It creates a hydrostatic pressure and pushes water from the ground into the walls. Then pushes it down again. This lateral pressure occurs because the floor surrounding the house creates pressure in the foundations and walls. If the floor or wall differs from concrete pouring, water can find its way through the concrete and cause lateral pressure. If the water seeps out untreated. It can also cause the basement and the rest of the house to become too hot. Also too cold or too wet for normal use. The total value of the health of your house can deteriorate due to construction and mould damage. You can fix leaks by repairing cracks indoors and outdoors. As well as repairing drainage from the foundation to the house.

Wall Leakage Seepage:

A leaking basement not only behaves smelly and coarse. But also poses an enormous threat to the value of your home. Cellar humidity can ruin floors and walls, encourage mould formation and cause damage to the walls. Many homeowners struggle to understand basement leaks, where walls meet floors, and find a solution. On this page we explain why blocks, foundations and walls are leaking and how to seal with any kind of foundation.

However, this article focuses on the most common types of basement leaks such as concrete, concrete blocks and concrete walls. If your foundation or wall appears in a similar way to the image above, you have a concrete block or cinder block wall through which moisture has seeped, trapping water in the block and contaminating it from the air and into the basement. Roof Treatment Services provides one of the best services of wall leakage seepage all over the Pakistan. That includes Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Balochistan and Islamabad.

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