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In order to carry out a proper inspection of the drain pipe. You must cut a hole in the ceiling and expose it. A square of 10×8 inches should be enough to inspect the shower pipes. But not the main drain pipes or overflow channel. If you have a good view of the leaking shower wall. You will need a torch and a small mirror as well as a large mirror for the drain. If there is a stain on the bathtub drain. Which is usually the first sign of a leak in your bathroom. Let some water run into the tub and see if the drain is leaking.

If the shower screen is leaking, you will see a small hole in it. But not a large one, and the stain is not on the drain of your bath. You will need to call a plumber to have a closer look at the leak and repair it. But this is usually the first sign. That a leak is causing expensive damage to a hidden area. Most leaks in the sanitary facilities come from fittings. Such as pipes, pipes in the sanitary system or pipes. And fittings in the bathroom. Roof Treatment Service’s leak control chemicals are filled into the glazed tile and the process is as simple as cleaning the pipes and sealing and resealing.

Bathroom Leakage Repair:

You may not notice it, but a toilet leak is usually the result of a wax ring connecting the toilet to the floor. If the ring is worn out, cracked or broken water may seep into the ceiling every time the toilet is flushed. Every time you flush them, this would cause the water to enter the floor and ceiling of the bathroom. If the penetrating water has the same color. You can identify the source of the leak by the color of the leak. Such as yellow, green, blue, red, orange, yellow or green. If the ceiling leak occurs only during the shower. It may come from the faucet or tile in the bathroom.

If the toilet is leaking, the water supply directly behind. It is switched off and the floor comes through. Check showers and doors if you know water is splashing through them as well as walls and ceiling. Although it can be assumed that this is a minor matter. It can lead to an underfloor area. Where the floor meets the shower or bathtub, where it is leaking. If water seeps through the door frame, you need to seal it in the showers in that area. Roof Treatment Services provides one of the best services of basement waterproofing all over the Pakistan. That includes Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Balochistan and Islamabad.

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